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Las 50 perlas de Noel (II)

Os dejamos con la segunda parte de este ranking elaborado por el New Musical Express que recoge algunas frases antológicas del mayor de los Gallagher.

26. Acerca de la religión Noel opinaba. "The World of God is in the Bible, right? And in the Bible it doesn't mention dinosaurs, so that quite not be truth. 'Coz if God created the human first, where did the fuckin' dinosaurs came from?" (Via X, Octubre de 2006)

27. Sobre su álbum "Definitely Maybe": "Look. I was a superhero in the '90s. I said so at the time. McCartney, Weller, Townshend, Richards, my first album's better than all their first albums. Even they'd admit that." (The Guardian, Noviembre 2006)

28. Y sobre el "status" cree que: "You have to see us in league with The Rolling Stones now. Everybody's heard of the Stones, everybody knows what they sound like, everybody knows what they do. You either go because you like it or you don't. It's easy." (Rolling Stone, Noviembre 2008)

29. Cuando le preguntan acerca de los remordimientos responde: "One of the worst things that ever happened to me was when I said that thing about Blur [in an interview in 1995, Gallagher said he hoped Damon Albarn and Alex James would "get Aids", which he later retracted and apologised for]. My mam rang me up when she saw that and she was really angry and she said to me 'I didn't bring you up to talk like that'." (Irish Times, Octubre 2008)

30. Acerca de Liam: "I read these interviews with him and I don’t know who the guy is who’s in these interviews, he seems really cool, because the guy I’ve been in a band with for the last 18 years is a fucking knobhead." (Herald Sun, Octubre 2008)

31. De la credibilidad piensa Noel lo siguiente: "Jack White has just done a song for Coca-Cola. End of. He ceases to be in the club. And he looks like Zorro on doughnuts. He's supposed to be the poster boy for the alternative way of thinking... I'm not having that, that's fucking wrong. Particularly Coca-Cola, it's like doing a fucking gig for McDonald's." (New Musical Express, Diciembre 2005)

32. De nuevo sobre la religión: "I certainly don’t believe in religion, although I find it fascinating that it’s become so powerful in the world and it’s kind of dictated morals down through societies for thousands of years, but I don’t see the hand of God at work in the world anywhere." (Clash Magazine, Octubre 2008)

33. SObre el "Be here now": "If you're given a blank cheque to record an album and as much studio time as you want you're hardly gonna be focused. There's a pub round the corner and Kentucky Fried Chicken - you just get lazy." (Q, Diciembre 1999)

34. Y su opinión acerca de las drogas es: "Didn't go into rehab like all me mates did - fucking lightweights." (Q, Diciembre 1999)

35. Sobre su hit, "Wonderwall": "The Who always play 'I Can't Explain'; and we'll always play 'Wonderwall'. People ask us if we get bored of it. You can't get bored of 15,000 people shouting for 'Wonderwall'. That's better than drugs. You get a hard-on when you hear that." (Q, Diciembre 1999)

36. Acerca de haber conocido a Tony Blair: "I don't have a crystal ball. I didn't see he was going to turn into a cunt. I was 30, off me head on drugs, and everyone telling me we were the greatest band since who knows. Then the prime minister invites you round for a glass of wine. It all becomes part of the high." (Spin, Septiembre 2009)

37. Su parecer sobre Tom Yorke es el que sigue: "No matter how much you sit there twiddling, going, 'We're all doomed', at the end of the day people will always want to hear you play 'Creep'. Get over it." (Daily Telegraph, Febrero 2007)

38. Sobre U2: "Play ‘One’, shut the fuck up about Africa." (Daily Telergraph, Febrero 2007)

39. Acerca de una ópera/musical de Oasis: "I don't think two blokes having the same fucking argument for 16 years over and over is the stuff of opera. Oasis: The Opera would be very short." (Spin, Septiembre 2009)

40. De Coldplay nos dice Noel: "The Man has taken over the world. All the kids have to look up to now are bland, faceless fucking trainee police officers. Liam should be given a knighthood! You couldn't imagine Chris Martin from Coldplay laying out a photographer for taking a picture of his kid!" (New Musical Express, Septiembre 2001)

41. Acerca de los derechos de autor: "I never sat down and decreed that suddenly everyone else was allowed to write songs. The door was always open. But for the first 10 years, everyone else was completely uninterested." (The Guardian, Junio 2005)

42. Sobre Liam imitando a John Lennon: "He was talking in a Scouse accent for three days. He told me I should refer to him as John and I was like, 'I just prefer 'cunt', man." (The Guardian, Junio 2005)

43. Sobre el directo de Oasis: "This is rock 'n' roll, not a charity handout. I don’t care who you are, why you’re here, what you expect. If you buy the ticket then you’re going to get the show we put on. And if you don’t like it, you know what you can do." (Dw World, Marzo 2003)

44. Sobre la juventud (the kids): "Kids are so fuckin' thick these days that they are very easily influenced, aren't they?" (The Guardian, Junio 2005)

45. Su opinión de Bloc Party es esta: "They’re a bunch of middle class kids trying to rebel about against mum and dad. They sit on top of an apex of shit." (Herald Sun, Octubre 2008)

46. Nuevamente habla de las drogas: "I still tell people that the 'Be Here Now' album is the best advertisement against taking cocaine. It goes on too long, it's smothered by its self of self-importance - the same as coke users are." (Irish Times, Octubre 2008)

47. Sobre Blur: "Damon Albarn is a fucking knobber. And his guitarist - who I thought was all right - seems to think that he's some intelligent superhuman being, the fucking idiot. I never met the drummer and the bassist, who I first didn't like and thought he was a cunt, turned out to be quite all right. But I don't like the music, and I don't like the singer." (NY Rock, Diciembre 1997)

48. El hip hop le parece esto: "I fucking despise hip-hop. Loathe it. Eminem is a fucking idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life." (The Guardian, Junio 2005)

49. Acerca de Live8 opina Noel lo siguiente: : "I'm not sure about this Live8 thing. Correct me if I am wrong, but are they hoping that one of these guys from the G8 is on a quick 15-minute break at Gleneagles and sees Annie Lennox singing 'Sweet Dreams' and thinks, 'Fuck me, she might have a point there, you know.' It's not going to fucking happen, is it?" (The Guardian, Junio 2005)

50. Sobre las letras de sus canciones: "I write the first line and the end word, 'Supersonic', it's like, 'Well, what rhymes with that?' And you start off with 'A' and you go, 'Atomic. Bionic.' Then you go...'Gin & Tonic. Alright, that'll do.' It's no big deal. You just write it down, and people go 'Wow! Feeling Supersonic...Give me Gin and Tonic. Wow!' Basically, cos it rhymes." (Indepth, Marzo 1995)

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