domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Despedidas prematuras

Llegan voces de abandono y desencanto con el entorno musical que ha tocado vivir a multitud de artistas. Si recientemente nos enterábamos de la separación de los holandeses The Madd -¡¡¡que pedazo de concierto dieron en el Sixties Rock Weekend de 2009!!!-, ahora sus compatriotas de Mark & The Spies deciden hacer lo propio y lo acaban de anunciar a sus seguidores con el siguiente comunicado cargado de ironía, que nos deja con un sabor agridulce sabiendo que el que nos dice adiós, al igual que The Madd, es un grupazo a la altura de la mejor tradición de los Paises Bajos:

"Sad news ladies and gents. We've decided to call it quits. All good things (don't) have to end. We have had five wonderful years with two albums, two 7 inches, clubtours/radioshows in The Netherlands, tours in Germany, Switserland, England, Italy and of course Spain (the best audience in the whole world!). We've played with great bands such as The Fuzztones, The Staggers, The Ugly Beats, Miss Chain & the Broken Heals, The Mourning After, Len Price 3 and many, many more.

We even have an already legendary unreleased third album called 'Hear Now Friends' which unfortunally no one will ever hear (our own 'Smile' or 'Save For A Rainy Day' if you will;-). We would like to thank everybody who:

1. loved our stuff
2. bought our stuff
3. let us sleep in their houses while on tour
4. took great care of us on tour (you know who you are)
5. gave us free booze
6. visited our shows
7. released our music
8. thinks it's sad we've quit So what are we up to now?

Gerrit is busy with a new (electronic!) musical project which sounds great and he's practicing to do his job and earn money without moving. Arjan is trying to clear himself from his nickname 'The Führer' and he's working on a solo album which makes all the Mark & the Spies albums obsolete. Mark has earned enough money with Mark & the Spies to make his dream come true. He is finally getting his penis enlargement operation and is one step closer to his dream: becoming a pornstar."

Menos mal que son culos inquietos y pronto los veremos dando guerra. En todo caso, una pena.

Yo ya te lo dije

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